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Celebrating 26 Years of Kingdom Impact!!

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The FiveFold Leadership exists to equip and train leaders to govern in all spheres of influence locally, nationally, and globally.  Ministry is not just within the four walls of our bride and mortar, all the graces gifts of God functions in the marketplace as well. With the understanding that the call of God is to influence and transform the systems of this world, it is to comprehend that we can not operate in a digital world with static tools, revelations, and strategies.  The Fivefold Leadership Institute has been create to solve this problem.  Our metron is to develop leaders.  Whether you were divinely called to the fivefold ministry or serve in ministry with these gifts our programs are for you.   Our next enrollment period and classes will open in January 2024.

*  Learn Biblical Tools to Effective Service
*  Learn the distinction between the Grace Gifts
*  Learn the purpose and function of each Grace Gift
*  Learn biblical strategies for each Grace Gift
*  And so much more....


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