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Montly Leadership Summits


The Fivefold Leadership Institute coordinates monthly leadership Summits/Conferences.  These conferences concentrate on various areas, elements, and principles of leadership with the objective of iron sharpening iron and preparing leaders for effective leadership and capacity expansion.  Our facilitators are leaders from various industries who are subject matter experts.  As the world continues to transforming around us, our mandate is to train and equip leaders and fivefold ascension grace gifts with transforming knowledge to remain relevant and effective in leadership:  Whether in the pulpit, the market place or the other arenas in which we engage to advance the Kingdom of God!  It is clear that God gave us the prescription for the perfecting or the maturing of the Body of Christ but His Word contains various leadership principles that can be applied across the board in any industry. 




Fivefold Leadership Conferences


Leadership can be hard to define.  It means different things to different people and is executed in various styles.   However defined, leadership is vital to every industry and aspect of life. Today it is needful to have transformational leadership conferences to sharpen and keep those that lead at the cutting edge! In an accelerated format, we endeavor to assist with giving leaders the tools necessary for advancement and execution of their vision.  Leaders set direction and the course of vision, create motivation, and inspiring others.  There are many factors that contribute to successful leadership and we recognize that it is a continual process.  Therefore, we have one day and full conferences that includes well qualified facilitators who gather at the appointed time as iron to sharpen iron.

Youth Entrepreneur Business Institute 


"Shaping Minds today for a progressive economy tomorrow!"


A two-day Enrichment program designed for youth between the ages of 14 - 17.  The program was designed to teach youth about professional etiquette, dressing for success, developing effective communication skills, choosing a career path, vision casting, creating short term and long term goals, budgeting and saving, and investing.  We coordinate with a host of community entrepreneurs giving back to those that will lead tomorrow. 

International Leadership Missions


The Fivefold Institute has partnered with various international institutes and community leaders to host leadership training missions.  The Fivefold Leadership Institute also collaborates with schools and churches in international territories for hands on leadership training.  If you would like to assists with sponsorship for these ventures, please visit the following website to make a donation.

Location:    Ghana & Kenya Africa
Dates:         TBA



Upcoming Events



Dates: To be Announced


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